Rise In Gas Prices Across America

While Americans are going through an economic down fall, with most people being tight or low on money we stillĀ see the price of gas rise each day across the country. With the rising of gas throughout the U.S. it is causing people to cut down on using there automobiles, by doing this it makes it hard for some people to get to where they need to go such as work. When people cant get to there job because they can't afford to run there car, they won't be able to keep there job. Not to get off topic but this could cause the rise of unemployment as well, some people say take public transportation but with gas prices always increasing and people not driving public transportation will increase in the cost as well. In the 1990's the average cost of a gallon of gas was 1.16$. It's crazy to think that the price was ever that low with how outrageous they are today. I am curious to see what will happen to the prices in the next few years, and how the people with adapt to it.