50's In November?

Over the past few weeks in Late November we have had some pretty warm sunny days, which is really unlikely for the monthof November in New Hampshire. Now I'm not one to complain I wish it would stay this way for the whole winter. With warm weather and no snow it means I can play golf, and do things outside, But for those people who love the winter that snowboard, and ski they must be a little worried. For the past three years Gunstock ski resort has opend in early december almost  every year. This year they are not sure if they will be able to make snow by that time do to the warm weather in November, because they usually start around this time every year. There are only a few ski resorts open right now in New Hampshire, and those are far up north. Although the avg. temperature hasn't dropped over the years for November, its the amount of days that have the high 50's for the temp that kill the process of snow making.  As of now there is No snow on Gunstock, and it could be this way for a while if the weather keeps getting warmer and warmer. Last season Gunstock had snow in late November, and opened there resort on December, 7th at this time they had all 51 trials open. For Gunstockto open at the same time this year with all 51 trials open is impossible. There best bet would to be to try for before Christmas to get the resort open, as of now there is no snow on any of the trails.

melting snow

melting snow

2 thoughts on “50's In November?

  1. This November has been really warm in comparison to the past years. I think that there are going to be a lot of ski resorts that are going to suffer due to the warm weather. They are all going to have late openings. Every time there is a nice day I always say that it is probably going to be the last one so I should enjoy it, but every weekend there has been at least one really nice day. I am never going to complain that the weather is too warm for this time of the year. I would also like it to stay like this.

  2. I just hope that this doesn't affect the skiing season because I just spent $329.00 on a ski pass and was hesitant because I see no hope for snow anytime soon. This is very late and for December to already be starting and not a flake of snow on the ground is shocking. Usually it's the first or second week in November when we get blasted but this year it is very late.

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