Although no one wants them to come, at the end of every semester they will be here. Yes I'm talking about FINALS, every class in college or high school has a final when the course is about to be over. Finals are made too test the knowledge you have learned about the material over the past few months. I Personally hate Finals, yes it means the class is over, but it also means you have to spend hours upon hours studying for them so you can pass. I'm taking 6 classes this semester, and I have 5 finals, that I will have to put numerous amount of hours into each so that I can do well. The bad thing about finals is that when finals arrive it means there is vacation soon behind, which may cause people to not focus on school but on there friends, and what they will be doing on there vacation. Finals can either make your grade, or the can break your grade with the Plymouth State website we can find out our grades after we take the finals within just a few weeks... I hope they make mine. finalsI know some teachers like to have there finals cumulative, but I think that it is just too much information for one test, if there where a midterm that split the material up I think it would work out OK. With everything we have to study we will make our brains burst, then what good would they be. I feel people stress to much over there finals, try to study as much and as long as they can handle. But I feel this doesn't help because you are just over working your self, which could cause you to forget the simplest bit of information.

2 thoughts on “Finals

  1. Finals are you worst enemey but best friends, when there here your stuck in the library and have no social life, but you try to make one which may hurt you in the long run. But every time finals arrive so does a nice vaction which is great. Finals can make your grade or brake it and for me tests are not my friends i always draw blanks when i need to think of something. Finals are apart of any education and until i graduate i will always hate them.

  2. Such a rough time of the year. Luckly this semester I only have two actual finals. Its great when your schedule works out like that. It is a stressful time for everyone do the the workload piled into the last couple weeks.

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