Winter Time

As November ends, and December begins we all know what comes next; Christmas and snow! I'm a fan of Christmas, I love the time of year, the good spirit and everything. The one thing I do not like too  much is the snow, no one wants to deal with the white stuff; Whether its fluffy and light, or heavy and wet no matter what its no fun. I'm okay with the low temperature in the 30's but the snow gets to me. As of now today being the first of December I don't know if you can call this winter time yet, with all of this warm weather we have been having. Just the other day I was outside in shorts playing football with my buddies, at this time of the year if we do that usually where in multiple layers of clothing. Winter TimeWhen I was younger, in high school and middle school I used to go around my neighborhood, and shoveled my neighbors drive ways for 10-15 dollars depending on the size. Now everyone has either a snow blower, or they get it plowed so, the past few years Ivebeen out of work. Another good reason why winter is such a nice time of the year, is the snow covered trees, there's nothing more beautiful than waking up in the morning after a night where snow has fallen, then looking at all the trees as the sun shines down on the snow. The sun makes a nice glare of the white snow.

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