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  1. I remember when gas was under a dollar back in the 1990's. I'm pretty sure that those days are over. I don't think we'll ever see gas prices ever come close to that again. I do agree with you that it is becoming too expensive for some people to get to work due to high prices of gas. I would like to mention that perhaps it is time for people in this country to start prioritizing a little better. People are going to have to adapt to the price of gas by budgeting there money. This may mean that certain toys, bells, whistles and gadgets that many people feel they "have" to own may have to wait. A gallon of gas still costs less than a gallon of milk. That's not bad considering the importance of gasoline in our society in comparison to milk. Overseas in England they have been paying three to four times as much for gasoline over the past couple of decades. That is part of the reason that if you look at England you see smaller, more fuel efficient cars and you see more people using public transportation.
    Americans will just have to adapt like other countries have. There are options for the people who are being hit by high fuel costs, it's just time to look for realistic solutions to these problems rather than complain about them.

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