Winter Time

As November ends, and December begins we all know what comes next; Christmas and snow! I'm a fan of Christmas, I love the time of year, the good spirit and everything. The one thing I do not like too  much is the snow, no one wants to deal with the white stuff; Whether its fluffy and light, or heavy and wet no matter what its no fun. I'm okay with the low temperature in the 30's but the snow gets to me. As of now today being the first of December I don't know if you can call this winter time yet, with all of this warm weather we have been having. Just the other day I was outside in shorts playing football with my buddies, at this time of the year if we do that usually where in multiple layers of clothing. Winter TimeWhen I was younger, in high school and middle school I used to go around my neighborhood, and shoveled my neighbors drive ways for 10-15 dollars depending on the size. Now everyone has either a snow blower, or they get it plowed so, the past few years Ivebeen out of work. Another good reason why winter is such a nice time of the year, is the snow covered trees, there's nothing more beautiful than waking up in the morning after a night where snow has fallen, then looking at all the trees as the sun shines down on the snow. The sun makes a nice glare of the white snow.


Although no one wants them to come, at the end of every semester they will be here. Yes I'm talking about FINALS, every class in college or high school has a final when the course is about to be over. Finals are made too test the knowledge you have learned about the material over the past few months. I Personally hate Finals, yes it means the class is over, but it also means you have to spend hours upon hours studying for them so you can pass. I'm taking 6 classes this semester, and I have 5 finals, that I will have to put numerous amount of hours into each so that I can do well. The bad thing about finals is that when finals arrive it means there is vacation soon behind, which may cause people to not focus on school but on there friends, and what they will be doing on there vacation. Finals can either make your grade, or the can break your grade with the Plymouth State website we can find out our grades after we take the finals within just a few weeks... I hope they make mine. finalsI know some teachers like to have there finals cumulative, but I think that it is just too much information for one test, if there where a midterm that split the material up I think it would work out OK. With everything we have to study we will make our brains burst, then what good would they be. I feel people stress to much over there finals, try to study as much and as long as they can handle. But I feel this doesn't help because you are just over working your self, which could cause you to forget the simplest bit of information.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

On November 10Th Infinity ward Games came out with the new hit Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This is the 6th Call of Duty game Infinity ward has come out with. Call of Duty World at War before Modern Warfare 2, and Modern Warfare 1 before that. Over the past years as the technology has increased every year, you can tell the quality of the game has increased as well. I my self have all Six games, and I can tell you that from the first game they came out with to this game it is insane with the amount of improvements they have been able to give to the games. This years Call of Duty in my mind is the best game that has ever been produced, by any company for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 it doesn't matter nothing can top this. The graphics in this game are out of this world, something you would see in a movie not a video game that you are playing on your TV. Modern-Warfare-2The game scored a perfect 10/10 on almost all testing, and critic reports. The game takes place in the US so it makes it even more realistic, there is a level where you are in Washington D.C. fighting on the streets. within the first week of the game being out they said there was over 4.7 million people who had purchased the game. When It came out at midnight on the 9th me and my buddies waited at Walmart  for the clock to strike 12:00 so we could get our game. I played all night until my classes the next morning, and I have never played a game so realistic.  They are estimating over 7 million copies to be sold, I think they will pass that mark by a few million once people hear about the game, and play it for them selves they will buy it I promise. It is the BEST GAME EVER.

Turkey Day & Black Friday

Turkey Day or Thanksgiving Falls at the end of November every year, where it is a time to give thanks for the things in life you have and the things you need to appreciate everyday. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because of the turkey dinners, with mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and gravy. It doesn't get much better than that, the six day break from school isn't too bad either. Thanksgiving is a day where families gather too give thanks for everything they have, and have a great big feast with there loved ones. While Thanksgiving is a day where everyone seems to eat until they can't move to pick up there forks, there are also football games on TV all day where you can see your family huddled around one TV watching the games.  ThanksgivingFeastI know that after I eat my turkey all I wanna do is sit on the couch, and not move, and watch football all day long. Although the day is supposed to be made for relaxing, and being with family every person in the back of there minds is thinking about the day after. Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in the whole year, where the sales are unreal. Almost every store has deals to die for, so many people stay up all night to wait for the stores to open at 5 am. I personally think it is crazy, and I Would never wake up that early to go shopping to spend money. Its hard enough for me to wake up at 5 am if I'm getting paid, there's no way i would wake up that early to shop. My family on the other hand thinks it is the best thing ever so they all get up early and go, while i stay home and get my sleep. If I had to pick over the two days I would pick Thanksgiving hands down every time.

2009 NBA Season Underway

The 2009 NBA season went underway earlier this month, to start another great year of basketball. I would have to say that Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch, and also play. My favorite team is the defending world champions Los Angles Lakers led by all-star and MVP Kobe Bryant. The Lakers look to repeat this year and win another championship. Although the Lakersare the favored team to win the championship this year, the East coast has a few teams that will try to shut the Lakers. The Atlanta Hawks, and the always tuff Cleveland Cavs are both out to hot starts. The real team to beat in the East is still the Boston Celtics, Kevin Garnett back from a knee injury last year, a lot of people are saying that it will be a Lakers Celtics finals again as it was in 2007. nba-all-star-2006-wallpaper

I personally think it will be the Lakers from the West and the Cavs from the East, I think Lebron James from the Cavs needs to prove to people he can win a championship, after being named the MVP of the regular season of 2008. The 2009 NBA season is sure to a very good year with many good teams fighting to make it to the finals, I'm excited to see how it will play out, and to see who will come out on top in June.. "Lakers".

50's In November?

Over the past few weeks in Late November we have had some pretty warm sunny days, which is really unlikely for the monthof November in New Hampshire. Now I'm not one to complain I wish it would stay this way for the whole winter. With warm weather and no snow it means I can play golf, and do things outside, But for those people who love the winter that snowboard, and ski they must be a little worried. For the past three years Gunstock ski resort has opend in early december almost  every year. This year they are not sure if they will be able to make snow by that time do to the warm weather in November, because they usually start around this time every year. There are only a few ski resorts open right now in New Hampshire, and those are far up north. Although the avg. temperature hasn't dropped over the years for November, its the amount of days that have the high 50's for the temp that kill the process of snow making.  As of now there is No snow on Gunstock, and it could be this way for a while if the weather keeps getting warmer and warmer. Last season Gunstock had snow in late November, and opened there resort on December, 7th at this time they had all 51 trials open. For Gunstockto open at the same time this year with all 51 trials open is impossible. There best bet would to be to try for before Christmas to get the resort open, as of now there is no snow on any of the trails.

melting snow

melting snow

New York Yankees Number 27

  November 10th 2009, the yankees where back on top of the baseball world for the first time in nine years. Throughout the whole postseason the yankees went right threw teams to reach the world seirs. The phillies weren't going to go down with out a fight said short stop Jimmie Rollins. It was game six of the world series, and the yankees were one win away from being world champs. Long loved Yankee outfielder Hideki Matsui had the game of his life with a home run, and six RBI's helping the Yankees walk to a 7-3 win over the Phillies, Matsui also won the MVP award of the world series with his perfromance in game 6. new-york-yankees                                    

  Personally I'm a Red Sox fan, but my favorite player in baseball is the Yankees short stop and captian Derek Jeter. I was very excited to see the Yankees win just to see Jeter get another ring.  Jeterbatted .407 highest on his team, also leading his team with 11 hits. So yes im happy that Jeter one another ring, but I wouldn't have mined to see the Sox win another one this year.

Fast Foods and Obesity

As a Young child one of my favorite meals was the "Happy Meal" from McDonalds, till this day I still eat a McDonalds, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants but is it killing my health. Many Americans today feel that fast foods are to blame for obesity, I feel that there person eating the food is the one to blame. The restaurants are not forcing the food down our throats, we are we choose to eat there food and then try to blame them for the outcome of what happens. "The U.S. Surgeon General report declared that obesity is responsible for 300,000 deaths every year". How can people still choose to eat the foods that are causing them to be obese and kill them?

 Fast Food

Fast Food


With the obesity rate rising every day  in America you would think that people would avoid these foods that are so called the "Blame"  to why Americans are obese. It starts in the persons will power to want to change if you continue to eat these unhealthy foods, you will continue to gain wait and stay overweight.

Why Elderly People Should Not Drive

In modern day America we see the rise in accidents, and traffic fatalities all over the country. Although most of the accidents and  traffic fatalities have been caused by speed, and alcohol abuse there are also a lot of accidents that are caused by elderly drivers. Almost half the states in the country have passed some form of elderly driving restrictions. When i am on the road I see how these elderly drivers act, constantly being unaware of there surroundings. Almost every elderly driver I have seen behind the wheel has had there face two inches from the steering wheel, proving they cant see very well. " Drivers over age 75 had a higher rate of fatal accidents nationwide in 2001 and 2002 than any age group except for teenagers, according to the  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety."

Elderly drivers

Elderly drivers



I feel that every driver over 65 should have to undergo an evaluation of there eye sight, driving skills, and there reaction time. This may able us to cut down on elderly driving accidents. If they are not able to pass the tests they shouldn't be able to operate a vehicle and in danger not only there lives, but others as well. In my home town over the past three years there has been 4 accidents with elderly drives two which were fatal for both of the cars involved.

Rise In Gas Prices Across America

While Americans are going through an economic down fall, with most people being tight or low on money we still see the price of gas rise each day across the country. With the rising of gas throughout the U.S. it is causing people to cut down on using there automobiles, by doing this it makes it hard for some people to get to where they need to go such as work. When people cant get to there job because they can't afford to run there car, they won't be able to keep there job. Not to get off topic but this could cause the rise of unemployment as well, some people say take public transportation but with gas prices always increasing and people not driving public transportation will increase in the cost as well. In the 1990's the average cost of a gallon of gas was 1.16$. It's crazy to think that the price was ever that low with how outrageous they are today. I am curious to see what will happen to the prices in the next few years, and how the people with adapt to it.